Fluffy french bulldog stud . Color Blue & Tan Tri Merle FLUFFY DNA Stud Fee 5000 Luther Color Maskless Lilac & Tan carries Cream DNA atat dd eE kyky coCo Stud Fee 3000 ABKC Champion GOAT Color Lilac Fawn FLUFFY DNA Stud Fee 5000 Trigger Color Lilac & Tan (no pied) DNA atat dd bb kyky Stud Fee 2500 DOM P Color Full Fluffy Isabella Male. . The UK&x27;s leading Fluffy French bulldog specialists, offering extensive stud services, exclusive and limited puppy availability, listing services and more. . The Smallest French Bulldogs in the World. . . Purple boy - carry&x27;s L1 fluffy, cocoa - 750 Green boy - carry&x27;s L1 fluffy, co. Introducing you all to "BAD BOY BOBBIE" of the Frenchie emporium (main account for all our dogs the beauty Bullz emporium. . 2,300. YES, they are Full blooded, PURE BRED, 100 FRENCH BULLDOG Now, with the advancement of DNA testing it has become easier than ever to isolate recessive genes and breed them to produce more fluffies If you had any doubts, fluffy frenchies have actually been around a LONG. He has sired over 200 puppies in the past few years. 1122022. . Skip to content. Merle French bulldog for stud in Sunderland. Big square head, stocky body and short tail. Sex Male. . . We are accepting 500 deposit to lock-in rate of 5,000 stud fee at the time. The fourplay begins. Call us (786) 296-1783. He has two copies of the long hair allele and Toto tested 4 panel clear. . Originally, we had planned to keep him from a puppy, to use to stud. French Bulldog. 18. . 14 Months 1,500 tankrtots Colorado Springs, CO 80922 Bentley Bentley is a beautiful little French Male. . 500 deposit locks you in. . 700 ; Vip. French bulldog stud 350 French BulldogAge 2 years "Likkleman" now open to the public for stud Fully suited choc and tan carrying isabella (testable) and cream coco AtAt Bb Ee 7 Panel health clear Brutus, Lil homie, Don choc lines Proven stud w Brandon Preston Breeder 2 6 hours French bulldog, compact stud, lilac and tan, kc re 300. . . Purple boy - carry's L1 fluffy, cocoa - &163;750 Green boy -. . Puppies currently available to reserve BEAU THE BOUNTIFUL - blue and tan boy - &163;2000 RESERVED. Lilac and fawn male French bull dog for stud. Whether you're just browsing or you're in the market for a french bulldog stud to start your breeding journey, we've got you covered. . 2,400. . 17 weeks old fluffy and chocolate French bulldog puppies. Bred from some of the best lines within Australia Sonic is true to type and only 10kgs. Fluffy Frenchies are long-haired Bulldogs who are believed to be hybrids because they look way different from the short-coated variety. We carry a wide variety of frenchies from blue merle French bulldogs, cocoa French bulldogs, isabella French bulldogs, blue French bulldogs, and lilac French bulldogs. Personal hand delivery out of state. Butterball. 5,000. . 11182022. Contact Read More Blue merle Name BLEU Location. .
If you are looking for standard or rare DNA French Bulldog Studs with top quality structure then. He is also AKC registered. I paid 4,500 for my short-haired French Bulldog to put that in perspective. Fluffy Frenchie Stud service Elon throws some amazing fluffys as well as standards. . Stud fee 10,000 early lock-in for the first 5 customers. Regularly Brush Your Frenchie. May 2022-Views 224; 8,000 (Negotiable) Description; Location Map; Share; Favourite;. Providing French Bulldog stud service in Texas, California, Florida, New York and All Major Cities in the USA. WE ARE SUPER EXCITED TO HAVE SOME FLUFFY BABIES FROM HIM. This rare variation of French Bulldogs is the result of the LH long hair gene also known as the Fibroblast Growth Factor. As one of Californias leading AKC French bulldog breeders, we provide superior French. Fozzy is a Purebred AKC French Bulldog Produced by Carol Roberts and April Lampton and Owned by Melissa Mooney. Roach is so perfect that we&x27;ve been contact with the Guinness World Record to possibly place him as the World&x27;s Smallest French Bulldog. Sign In; Orders; My Account; Subscribe. HE IS AA NO BRINDLE AND HE IS BLUE dd. Click here today. SVFluffyFrenchBulldogs is a Fluffy French Bulldog breeder for Frenchie puppy sales and stud service. Similar French Bulldog Puppies. K&x27;s number one Fluffy Frenchie Stud Dog. . . Sex Female. . . MOst are DNA clear and all are MAINS registered with the MDBA Available due to kennel downsize. . Located close to clinics, stud services can be arranged at short notice. Elitefrenchbulldogs Houston, TX 77075 Wagyu Chocolate and tan Merle, carrying fluffy gene , son of the world famous Bitcoin, for more pictures please visit my Instagram. WE ARE SUPER EXCITED TO HAVE SOME FLUFFY BABIES FROM HIM. We offer some of the finest French Bulldogs in the United States. All our pups are dewormed and up to date on vaccines, AKC registration. Skip to content. Beautiful red fawn akc fluffy carrier stud. . We specialize in breeding pure bred AKC French Bulldogs to produce the rarest French bulldog in rare colors, the long haired Frenchie, also known as "Fluffy Frenchie". She's sweet and innocent.

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