Shelly plus 1pm temperature . This. The DS18B20 digital thermometer provides 9-bit to 12-bit Celsius temperature. Data sheet Voice Control. . -20 C to 40 C. 5 kW. The Plus1PM is similar to the Plus 1 but with power monitoring, different colour and box to match. Got two Shelly 1PM, flashed with tasmota, calibrated on 60W bulb, everything works. 1m lang. . Device will consume less energy and run at a lower temperature. . . 3 V (from Shelly plus device) Operational temperature. Shelly Scripts for Gen2 Shelly devices. Shelly Plus 11PM, Shelly Plus 2PM, Shelly Plus i4i4DC; Temperature reading Depends on. . Shelly-Temperature Sensor DS18B20 for Shelly 11PM1L Shelly Sensor f&252;r Temperatur Addon Sensor mit Kabel ist ca. 3. 24. Home Shelly Plus 1PM. Nov 17, 2022 I own several Gen1 Shellies and Im quite fond of how they work. Shelly BLE devices. Web Interface guide. Add to Cart. Code Revisions 8 Stars 8 Forks 2. Disassembly. The Shelly temperature sensor add-on for Shelly 11PM is an additional module to connect up to 3 DS18B20 temperature sensors or 1 DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor to a Shelly 1 or Shelly 1PM. . 2-year manufacture guarantee on all our products. Device model SNSW-001P8EU. gl. Device temperature protection Yes Overload protection Yes Power measurement Yes Working without a neutral line No. Shelly Plus devices. 1. . . . Add to wishlist. 5 to 50. Small enough to fit behind any wall switch or socket, Shelly Plus 1PM Mini is retrofit and highly compatible with your existing smart ecosystem. 24 month. Connect the DS18B20s to the Shelly Addon. It can work standalone in a local Wi-Fi network or it can also be operated through cloud home automation services. Ambient temperature-20 &176;C to 40 &176;C -5 &176;F to 105 &176;F Humidity 30 to 70 RH Max. Power it. Description ; Additional. 99 23. au if you have any questions or need help choosing the right Shelly device Wi-Fi operated - Connects to your Wi-Fi network. 38 dBm. Connect the DS18B20s to the Shelly Addon. com. The relay number is optional and defaults to 0. .
Contact our friendly staff on infosmartguys. . . Shelly Blu Button 1; Shelly. 59. Instead, only the temperature and humidity thresholds apply to control how often the H&T should report changes. Components and APIs. Designed to fit in most standard electrical boxes and switches. Note that the Shelly Plus 1PM can run from 110-240vAC or 24-240vDC. Shelly Plus 1PM; Shelly Plus 2PM; Shelly Dimmer 2; Shelly UNI; Plug & Play. Make sure the ambient temperature does not exceed 40 &176;C 105 &176;F. . Shelly 1 Open Source Shelly 1 has an. The device is cushioned inside the box though, to prevent shipping damage. I bought this new Shelly Plus 2PM to replace a Shelly 2. Equipped with an integrated power meter, Shelly Pro 1PM allows you to measure the precise power consumption of all automated lights or. . . Web Interface guide. Make sure it connects to your Wifi. . . Shelly Plus i4; Shelly Plus 1; Shelly Plus 1PM; Switches. . 0. DS18B20 - Temperature sensor (up to 5); please choose the. This device allows you to monitor the status and history, as well as the current and past electrical power consumption for the day, week, month or year. Note that the Shelly Plus 1PM can run from 110-240vAC or 24-240vDC. dergib22 . 1C, but is under the temperature threshold, the device updates only the display. . Ensure ventilation of the Device. so, no worries, its normal. . . Connect Shelly to your existing home Wi-Fi network, use.

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